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To support the European Commission in monitoring and gaining insight in what researchers find important in their careers and mobility, to what extent they still face barriers for mobility or career progression but also which impact policy measures have (had) on these aspects, the MORE3 study has collected information from individual researchers through two large-scale surveys:


  • The EU HEI survey (May-June 2016):
    A survey of more than 10,000 individual researchers currently working in the EU (28 Member States + 3 Associated Countries) in higher education institutions (HEI).
    The survey addressed researchers with both EU and non-EU citizenship. It also included researchers who have been mobile outside the EU but have returned to work now in the EU. It did not include EU and non-EU researchers who are currently working outside the EU. The sampling and survey strategy guarantee representative data at country level. This survey is closed and the analysis will be published at the end of the MORE3 study (January 2018).


  • The global survey (March-June 2017):
    A large scale survey of individual researchers currently working outside Europe (28 Member States and 3 Associated Countries). The survey addressed both researchers in higher education institutes and researchers who work outside higher education institutes (public or government sector, private not-for-profit sector and firms). The survey included i) EU researchers currently working outside the EU, ii) non-EU researchers who have worked in the EU in the past, iii) non-EU researchers who have not worked in the EU but who have been internationally mobile elsewhere and iv) non-EU researchers who have not been mobile at all.


Topics of the surveys are:

  • Researchers’ socio-demographics
  • Education, PhD and doctoral training
  • Working conditions
  • Career paths
  • Geographical mobility (long and short term): stock, flows, motives, barriers and effects
  • Collaboration and virtual mobility
  • Interdisciplinary mobility
  • Intersectoral mobility